HMiscellaneous ArticlesS

Here you will find the uncategorisable articles. Enjoy!

29/04/2007Poorbridge Theoreticians and Conventions III: Rainbow GerberChris Cooper with some bidding for old people.
11/04/2007Dear Xebon IVXebon répond à vos questions.
08/04/2007Poor Bridge of the Year '06 Winner!The winner revealed!
27/03/2007Poor Bridge of the Year Awards '06What will you vote as the best article of 2006?
16/01/20072006: A Poorbridge Review of the YearSlightly delayed, I'm afraid, but we wish you all a belated Happy New Year! It's a good time to look forward, but also a good time to look back. Phil reviews the last twelve months for us. I'm sure you're dying to know...
20/11/2006Poorbridge Theoreticians and Conventions II: MaticA brilliant system described by Damian Hassan; we are not making this up!
20/10/2006Poorbridge Theoreticians and Conventions I: GorskiChris Mulley introduces a new series to the site — read it!
08/06/2006Dear Xebon IIIXebon returns with the third edition of his question and answer column.
13/04/2006Who is this Paul Huggins?Phil Smith, our staff investigative journalist, finds out the truth behind the man.
06/04/2006Poor Bridge of the Year '05 Winner!What was voted the best article of 2005? Find out here.
04/04/2006Poor Bridge of the Year Awards '05What was voted the best article of 2005? Find out here.
15/03/2006Beer Squeezes for Advanced PlayersFeaturing the most superbly contrived hand you'll see for a long time, this is a little gem from Scotland's Frazer Morgan.
09/02/2006Hire a Poor Bridge ProfessionalAre you struggling to make it onto the site? Here's the answer!
31/01/2006A Poorbridge Quiz: AnswerAnd here's the answer to the quiz from 14/01/06
14/01/2006A Poorbridge QuizA short quiz for the New Year — answer next week!
04/01/20062006 Poor Bridge ResolutionsWhat will the New Year have to offer the poor bridge player?
23/12/2005The Flaming GerberMerry Christmas!
04/12/2005Horoscope LibraryHave you missed a horoscope? See them all here! This does, of course, give you an excuse not to visit the site every day. Ah well.
21/11/2005Helping Partner II: Smith Reverse Tempo DoublesNick Smith on how to help partner out with those tricky doubling decisions.
21/06/2005Dear Xebon IIXebon belatedly brings us his second set of question.
14/05/2005Real Ultimate PowerRob Morris' Superb Spoof
21/04/2005Dear XebonOur Agony Uncle with his first series of letters
08/04/2005The Story of Michael ClarkPhil Smith brings Michael's life to life.
05/04/2005The Unusual History of Stephen HurstSteve's life, as told by Rob Morris
01/04/2005Bacon TorpedoA ground-breaking system from the Durham team. The perfect amalgamation of bridge and poker that we've all been waiting for.
01/04/2005Phil Smith, a LifeEverything you never knew about Philip S. Smith
01/04/2005Notional ClubA bidding system that literally requires a leap of the imagination.
01/04/2005The Life and Times of Robert MorrisPhil Smith recounts Rob's colourful life.