Poor Bridge of the Year '05 Winner!
By Xebon

Well, all the votes are in and the winner's name is sealed inside a giant golden envelope. We were all very pleased at poorbridge.com Central at the large turnout of voters, but the 225,000 people that voted for Michael's articles had to be discounted — we don't allow stupid people to vote here you know. The race was actually very close for a while with all the articles practically neck-and-neck, but one of them came through in just the last few days to emerge a fairly comfortable winner.

Every awards show needs a presenter, and the tradition is that it's some has-been who won the award years before but is now past their best and can only get an invite if they do their little turn on stage. But who would that apply to in the Poor Bridge World? Try as we might, we couldn't think of anybody: once a poor bridge player, always a poor bridge player. There are no has-beens in our society. I'm not sure why I was the second choice.

I hear you all shouting: "Xebon — get a move on and tell us who won!" Well, ok then. The name of the winner is in the big black blob below. Hover your mouse over it to read it! It is a worthy winner and I hope you'll all be inspired to write in with your own articles in an attempt to win Poor Bridge of the Year 2006!