HCoup of the MonthS

All good things come in twelves: disciples, days of Christmas, bottles of wine; and now we're going to bring you twelve articles on bridge coups every year! What do we mean by a coup? Well, you certainly won't find the beloved Bath Coup here. There won't be any brilliant Scissors Coup or Deschapelles Coup, no example of the Vienna Coup or Crocodile Coup. The coups we're interested in are the ones you won't find in any of the textbooks and fall broadly into two categories: the ones your opponents would be ashamed of, and the ones your grandmother would be ashamed of! Some are strictly illegal, others legitimately prey on your opponents' weaknesses and there is plenty of grey area in between. Call it cheating if you like, we think these plays deserve their own place in the bridge literature.

03/05/2006The Winner on Loser CoupWe have a new coup at last! Ian Mitchell gives us a master class on winner on loser plays.
01/02/2006A Jolly Good CoupPhil shares a fun little coup for the new year.
13/01/2006The Colour CoupBelgium's Frederick Staelens shows us some manoeuvres that won't work with the new four-colour decks!
01/12/2005The Convention Card CoupMichael Clark on a coup you could only discover by accident.
21/11/2005The Bishop Auckland CoupPhil Smith brings us an old favourite from the North East.
01/07/2005Helping Partner I: The Concentration CoupMichael Clark with some advice for all those who want to get the most out of their partners.
01/06/2005The Tom CoupA Classic Coup you will all be familiar with, presented by Phil Smith.
01/05/2005The Superglue CoupMichael Clark describes a diabolical play that will leave you wondering
01/04/2005The Myles CoupThe start of an era? Michael Clark introduces us to the world of specialist coups