A Poorbridge Quiz
By Nick Smith

Nick Smith has written a short quiz for all you folks out there. Why not send in your guesses ? Any interesting comments will be published on here on Monday 23rd when the answer will be revealed and the person with the first correct answer wins a year's subscription to poorbridge.com absolutely free!

HA K J 7 6
DJ 5
CK J 7 4 3
SQ 3 2
H8 3 2
DA 10
CQ 10 6 5 2
SK 7 5
HQ 9 5 4
DQ 7 6 3 2
SA J 9 8 6 4
DK 9 8 4
CA 8

Take a gander at the deal shown above, as played on Table 1 of the recent ***shire Swiss Pairs event. South was in 3NT after a brief auction (1S—2H—2S—3C—3NT) but the contract went one off thanks to a fine defence from the winners.

Your mission, should you choose to accept, is actually quite simple: to work out which card you think won the final, setting trick for the defence.

Clue: sure enough there is plenty of poorbridge involved, especially towards the end.