Poor Bridge of the Year Awards '06
By Xebon

Hey there all you lovers of poor bridge, you haters of good bridge, you lovers of haters of good bridge, but not you haters of lovers of poor bridge. You can jolly well sod off.

It's that time of year. A time of reflection and of celebration. But before we go on to the nominees, let's take a moment to remember those who are no longer with us: Joanne Bedmore, Kirsty Fisher, Larry Botswana, Finkle Finklestein, Bobbie "The Squid" Jackson, Estella Beetroot-Higgins, Sergei van der Groot. And, of course, Bessie Ovaltine III. We will remember you always — your poor bridge has touched our lives and our hearts.

And so to the nominees. — one vote per person. Just pick the article you liked the best and hit the vote button. Your criteria are your own; whether you think the article is the funniest, bestestly written, features the poorest bridge or has a lovely picture of a dog on it. The winners will be announced next week some time, unless my favourite article hasn't got enough votes yet...

Poor Bridge of the Year Nominees

by Phil Smith
by Michael Clark and Bryony Youngs
by Nick Smith
by John Våge
by Sarah Teshome