Poor Bridge of the Year Awards '05
By Xebon

On April 1st this site will be one year old and to celebrate we're going to launch a few new features for you all, including the start of our annual awards. There's just one award this year, for Poor Bridge of the Year and below are the nominees. We've only included articles from 2005 so if you really like a recent one you'll have to wait until next year to vote for it. What are the criteria? Up to you! Just vote for the one you think is the best, whether that means it's the best written, features the worst bridge or has the funniest lines. Then afterwards everybody can argue over why the winner was chosen and say things like "Well, Crash was a good film, but not worthy of Best Picture." Or, "What sort of idiots do they have voting if they think Forrest Gump is better than both Pulp Fiction and The Shawshank Redemption?!".

Poor Bridge of the Year Nominees

by Rob Morris and Bill Jacobs
by Michael Clark
by David Burn
by Phil Smith
by Michael Clark