Poor Bridge of the Year '06 Winner!
By Xebon

The votes are cast and the winner is known and again it's been a very close race. The two leading articles are so close that they're about to move into a flat in Brighton together and buy a pet dog that looks a bit like Robert Duvall. But they're not so close that the second article will mind too much if the winning article gets drunk on a Saturday night, sees another article it quite likes the look of and decides to go home with it.

But in the end there could be only one winner. One article had to be Connor MacLeod, the other The Kurgan. To see which was victorious, hover your mouse over the black box below. Actually, I'm sure you've all already done that rather than read my rambling nonsense.

Link fixed now! It was still linking to the 2005 winner before! Incidentally, some people were wondering who the second placed article was. Well done to Nick Smith for . I'm sure it would have been a comfortable winner, were it not for the rampant corruption that goes on behind the scenes at pb.com.

Think you can do better than that? We always want articles here, because it means that we don't have to write as many ourselves. So get writing and send them in!