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22/07/2007Poorbridge.com has gone on hiatusSorry, no new articles at the moment. But we'll be back. Possibly better than ever — more likely just the same as always.
09/07/2007Going One Step BetterMichael gets outdone by Steve, which certainly makes a change! There's also a substantial geek alert in this week's article.
02/07/2007Worst Balance Ever?One of many PBOTW articles to be described as 'short and sweet'. This one's from Jeff Ford.
25/06/2007Or Is This The Luckiest Hand?Ian Mitchell tries to outdo John Erdos from two weeks ago.
18/06/2007Poorbridge WarsWe made it! A century of articles! Now, like Alastair Cook, we'll go out soon.

Coup of the Month:View Entire List
03/05/2006The Winner on Loser CoupWe have a new coup at last! Ian Mitchell gives us a master class on winner on loser plays.
01/02/2006A Jolly Good CoupPhil shares a fun little coup for the new year.
13/01/2006The Colour CoupBelgium's Frederick Staelens shows us some manoeuvres that won't work with the new four-colour decks!
01/12/2005The Convention Card CoupMichael Clark on a coup you could only discover by accident.
21/11/2005The Bishop Auckland CoupPhil Smith brings us an old favourite from the North East.

Miscellaneous:View Entire List
29/04/2007Poorbridge Theoreticians and Conventions III: Rainbow GerberChris Cooper with some bidding for old people.
11/04/2007Dear Xebon IVXebon répond à vos questions.
08/04/2007Poor Bridge of the Year '06 Winner!The winner revealed!
27/03/2007Poor Bridge of the Year Awards '06What will you vote as the best article of 2006?
16/01/20072006: A Poorbridge Review of the YearSlightly delayed, I'm afraid, but we wish you all a belated Happy New Year! It's a good time to look forward, but also a good time to look back. Phil reviews the last twelve months for us. I'm sure you're dying to know...
Aquarius: It dawns on you that poorbridge.com probably won't ever come back, but if you like puzzles and games you might check out , with an online version of now available and a great for crossword and puzzle fans.