The Collected Works of Phil Smith
Poor Bridge of the Week:View Them All
18/06/2007Poorbridge WarsWe made it! A century of articles! Now, like Alastair Cook, we'll go out soon.
09/04/2007The GS-890Phil Smith unveils a new bridge playing machine!
18/12/2006How Good is Your Opponent?Phil Smith asks an important question. Comes with free special bonus article!
31/07/2006Double Dummy DuncePhil saw we were having a shortage of material and so went along to his local club and played like an idiot just so he could write this article. Such dedication!
03/07/2006Gamblers AnonymousPhil Smith with our 50th article!
08/05/2006The Ghost of Poorbridge PastPhil Smith introduces a new character to the site!
06/03/2006The Bradford Bridge Club BlooperPhil Smith with a geographical anomaly.
16/01/2006On the Dumb-Clever BalancePhil Smith on a hand that strangely is nothing about protecting the bidding.
12/12/2005League Division What?Phil Smith with a trio of bad bids at Bradford.
21/11/2005Push!Just another flat board?
16/05/2005A Question of BridgeAre you an A-team or a B-team player?

Coup of the Month:View them All
01/02/2006A Jolly Good CoupPhil shares a fun little coup for the new year.
21/11/2005The Bishop Auckland CoupPhil Smith brings us an old favourite from the North East.
01/06/2005The Tom CoupA Classic Coup you will all be familiar with, presented by Phil Smith.

Miscellaneous:View them All
16/01/20072006: A Poorbridge Review of the YearSlightly delayed, I'm afraid, but we wish you all a belated Happy New Year! It's a good time to look forward, but also a good time to look back. Phil reviews the last twelve months for us. I'm sure you're dying to know...
13/04/2006Who is this Paul Huggins?Phil Smith, our staff investigative journalist, finds out the truth behind the man.
04/01/20062006 Poor Bridge ResolutionsWhat will the New Year have to offer the poor bridge player?
08/04/2005The Story of Michael ClarkPhil Smith brings Michael's life to life.
01/04/2005Bacon TorpedoA ground-breaking system from the Durham team. The perfect amalgamation of bridge and poker that we've all been waiting for.
01/04/2005Notional ClubA bidding system that literally requires a leap of the imagination.
01/04/2005The Life and Times of Robert MorrisPhil Smith recounts Rob's colourful life.